Frog Bikes for Children

Frog Bikes for Children

We love Frog Bikes and have a great range in stock.  These lightweight bikes are designed in the UK by a small family bike business specialising in lightweight kids bikes.  Frog Bikes share our passion for getting more kids having more fun on bikes.  You can read all about the owners of the company and their ethos in their guest post – Frog Bikes – The story behind the brand.

The bikes come in a range of sizes from the balance bike for toddlers, aptly named The Tadpole and the first bike the Frog 43 right through to larger kids bikes for your tweens and teenage children.

You can see the full range of Frog Bikes we have here – Choosing the right size bike for your child can be difficult, especially online. We have devised a unique system using inside leg measuremnts to bring up all the bikes which will fit your child across all of our ranges of lightweight kids bikes.  On our home page use the advanced search and enter your childs inside leg measurment to filter the range – it’s a lot more precise than trying to buy a bike based on wheelsize alone.

As you can see the range of Frog Bikes comes in a great selection of unisex colours along with a spotty version which is a best seller – the larger kids bikes are also available in stylish black.

Frog Tadpole balance Bike Frog 43 First Bike Frog 48 Kids bike Frog 52 Kids Bike

To pay homage to our love of these great bikes we have created a fun Pinterest board – Frog Bikes Hop to it – come and say hello if you also have a Pinterest account!

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Turnaround on shipping or preparing bikes for collection is currently up to 7 working days.