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How to understand Frog bike sizes and choose the right first bike

Frog Bikes offer 2 sizes for a first pedal bike.  To understand Frog bike sizes, you simply use the number of the pedal bike model. This number denotes the minimum inside leg measurement of the rider in centimetres. So the Frog 43 (the 14” wheel bike) will fit a child with a minimum inside leg measurement of 43cm and the Frog 48 (the 16” wheel bike) will fit an inside leg of 48cm or greater. 

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For instruction on how to measure your child’s inside leg correctly to ensure you get the right Frog bike size, check our useful kids’ bike size guide

Frog 43 or Frog 48 ?

Both of these Frog starter bikes will offer a great start to your child’s future fun on a pedal bike.  Both are made of aluminium frame and forks, so are very lightweight kids’ bikes. They are quite close in size, so we often get asked which is best, the Frog 43 or the Frog 48?

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With Frog Bikes’ obsessive attention to detail, the length of the cranks (the bit the pedals screw into) is appropriate for the size of the child. Too many manufacturers fit overly long cranks on their bikes, making them difficult to pedal.  Both the Frog 43 and Frog 48 have light, very effective Tektro brakes and brake levers.  The wheels are well-made and light and the tyres (you get 2 sets – one semi-slick, one knobbly- with each bike free) are from top manufacturer Kenda.

So what’s the difference between the two bikes?

Well, it is just a question of size. With children’s bikes, the kids tend to grow out of the smaller bikes more quickly.  The bigger the bike, the longer it will last in terms of fit. We know these bikes are not cheap. The temptation is, therefore, to put a child on as big a bike as possible.  When these smaller bikes may only last 18 months, the temptation is greater. 

However, at this age, making sure the bike isn’t too big is absolutely critical.

Getting the rights size for a child’s first pedal bike is crucial

Being younger most kids (there are plenty of gung-ho exceptions) who fit these first pedal bikes will be less confident and less co-ordinated.

The worst thing one can do, in an attempt to save money in the long term, is to put children on first bikes which are too big. You then end up with the potential of a bike that never gets ridden. We believe with riders of this age it’s all about building and sustaining confidence. A first bike which is too big can undermine it. We have loads of great advice for teaching children to ride a pedal bike really quickly on our blog – find it all here – The easy way to teach a child to ride a bike.

frog 48 kids first pedal bike union jack

If your child can fit a 16” wheel bike, then the Frog 48 is a really excellent choice.  Many kids make the transition from balance bike (mainly 12” wheels) to this size bike and can bypass 14” wheels.  The Frog 48 is certainly one of the most popular sizes in the Frog range.

Here’s the important message to parents not quite sure!

If your child’s inside leg simply isn’t long enough to safely ride a 16” wheel bike, then you are better off going to 14 inches and the Frog 43 is the best option for a first pedal bike. 

Frog 43 red child's first pedal bike

We also have loads more tips for buying kid’ bikes on the blog, so do have a look around.

A great tip for starting riding with your child’s first pedal bike

Whichever frog bike you decide on for your child’s first pedal bike, the best way to start your children on these first pedal bikes is to leave the pedals off.  Once they are balancing on it un-aided, put the pedals on.  If your child has already mastered a balance bike, it’s still best to start them off on a pedal bike this way. It’s likely to be for a very brief period.

Your child gets to ride their new bike in a way they know how but has a chance to master the different steering (bigger wheels steer differently!) and how to use their weight to control the bigger frame.

Whatever you do – NO STABILISERS. Read why not here – Why you should avoid stabilisers

See the full range of Frog Bikes on our website and if in doubt give us a call, we’ll be happy to advise you on any details about delivery or making sure you pick the right bike for your child.

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