Why Our Shop Is Still Closed To Customers

The Little Bike Company Shop

Whilst our physical shop in Hertfordshire has remained open for deliveries and despatches throughout lockdown, we took the decision to close it to other visitors. This remains the case.

The shop is pretty small, especially when it is full of bicycles, so it is difficult to safely maintain the kind of social distancing with which we are comfortable. Especially when the customer-related activities we undertake inside the premises are either fitting children to their bikes or helmets. To carry out either safely is very difficult, as we all know that children do not always remember the whys and wherefores of social distancing. We really miss the kids’ excited faces when they come into the shop but it is that excitement which is difficult to manage in the context of COVID-19.

We are continuing to sell bikes, clothing and accessories (when we can get the stock which has been a whole different challenge!) online for delivery or collection. We are also repairing and servicing bikes of any size.

The comprehensive instructions on the website make it as easy as possible to match the right-sized bike to your child, using inside leg measurements. This has always been the case for those customers who have only ever bought from us online and rarely presents a problem.

Each bike has a size range for which it is suitable and a seven-step process for accurately measuring your child’s inside leg at home: https://www.thelittlebikecompany.co.uk/size-guide/. The helmets and clothing we sell all have clear size guides on each product page.

We are available on the phone: 01442 872123, on email: help@littlebike.co.uk and our social media pages (Instagram: thelittlebikeco, Facebook: TheLittleBikeCompany) offer  advice on sizing, suitability and anything else you might need to know about  kids’ bikes, clothing and accessories.

These remain challenging times for everyone. Our priority is the safety of our customers and staff and that will always remain the case. We look forward to welcoming you into our shop when it is safe to do so.

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Turnaround for bike orders for delivery or collections are up to 5 working days.