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How do I choose the right-sized bike for my child?

All the different wheel sizes and different frame sizes can be confusing. The Little Bike Company has a straightforward method to work out which size bike you need for your child:

Our approach is to make sure the bike always sustains and builds confidence. Most important is that when stationary they can safely and confidently sit on the saddle and put their feet on the floor flat enough. The younger, more inexperienced, or less confident the rider, the more their feet need to be flat on the floor. This will make them feel in control and build confidence.

To find the right bike for your child their inside leg measurement is the key. Use the guide at the bottom of this page to measure your child’s inside leg accurately https://www.thelittlebikecompany.co.uk/size-guide/.  Or watch the video below.

All of our bikes are measured for the minimum inside leg measurement for the rider and every bike’s product description includes the inside leg measurement range in centimeters.

Some manufacturers, like Frog Bikes, helpfully name each bike by the recommended minimum inside leg measurement of the rider. So for example, the Frog 48 is suited to a child with a minimum inside leg of 48cm.

You can search our whole range of bikes, by inside leg measurement, using the advanced search button on the homepage. Simply choose your child’s inside leg measurement from the drop-down menu and click search.

If your child appears to be between sizes or you’re unsure about which choice to make, just give us a call on 01442 872123 and we’ll be happy to advise you.

How do I measure my child’s inside leg accurately?

We have an accurate method to measure your child’s inside leg in the video at the bottom of this page, which involves a book, a tape measure, a wall and a child. You will also find it on our Size Guide page. https://www.thelittlebikecompany.co.uk/size-guide/

Remember, measurements need to be as accurate as possible to identify the correct bike size. Please don’t measure their trouser legs and don’t do it free hand with a tape measure (unless you happen to be a tailor!).

How long will the bike last in terms of fit?

A tricky question and difficult to answer as it depends upon how quickly your child grows.  As a general rule, children tend to outgrow smaller bikes more quickly than larger bikes, as larger bikes tend to accommodate more growth in the rider. Based on our experience, we’ve developed the chart below.

It starts with the saddle, make sure it is set at the lowest point. We have found these estimates tend to work:


Bike Wheel Size Age Group Bike Fit Estimate
12 inch 2-4 Years 12-18 Months
14 inch 3-5 Years 12-18 Months
16 inch 4-6 Years 18-24 Months
20 inch 6-8 Years 2-3 Years
24 inch 8-10 Years 2-3 Years
26 inch 10+ Years 3+ Years

If you are unsure or need some help, please contact us at help@littlebike.co.uk or 01442 872123.

Should I buy a bike for my child to grow into?

The simple answer is no – it’s not like a school blazer!

We understand the temptation to try and get a better return from your investment by selecting a bike which is as big as possible.

However, there is the potential that it could all go horribly wrong.  If the bike is too big for the rider to feel safe and confident, then it is unlikely they’ll be having much fun. You could even find they won’t want to ride the bike at all.  Which means buying a bigger bike has become a false economy.

We are firm believers in putting kids on bikes which fit now. It is safer, will make them confident riders and maximize their enjoyment.

Don’t forget, many of the brands we sell command good prices in the second hand market.  Also, we will always accept bikes bought from us in part exchange for a new bike. See the details below.

Will you accept my current bike in part exchange for a new bike?

We do not accept used bikes in part exchange for new ones.

Do you sell used bikes?

We occasionally have used bikes for sale, but more often offers on seconds and ex-display bikes. You will find more information here https://www.thelittlebikecompany.co.uk/product-category/ex-display-bikes/


How do I measure my child’s head and fit for a helmet?

Bicycle helmets are an important safety requirement in cycling. It is vital your child wears a properly fitting helmet when riding a bike. Please watch this video to see how to measure for a helmet and how it should be properly worn. See our helmet range here https://www.thelittlebikecompany.co.uk/product-category/helmets/

Do you export outside of the U.K.?

We do not export to EU countries. To enquire about shipping to non-EU countries, please email help@littlebike.co.uk

The rear wheel of our woom bike sometimes clicks. Is this normal?

Yes it is. It is a sign of a high quality rear wheel hub. You will hear it on many expensive adult road bikes.

When you pedal the bike forwards, pawls (pivoted catches) engage with notches on a ratchet wheel inside the hub of the rear wheel, so driving the wheel forward.

When you move the bike forwards without the pedals turning, the pawls effectively move backwards over the notches inside the rear wheel hub. That is what creates the clicking sound.

Will my bike need to be assembled when it’s delivered?

Every bike we ship has been built up, set up and safety checked by us.  We then partially dismantle them for shipment.

The video below shows the sort of thing we do in prepping the bikes. We don’t always do it that quickly!

Normally, pedals and handlebar need to be put on the bike upon receipt.  Sometimes the front wheel also. We provide some basic tools and very clear instruction on how to do this and we are happy to handle any queries on 01442 872123 or help@littlebike.co.uk   



We have created these assembly guide videos for woom bikes.

woom 1


woom 2 and 3


woom 4, 5 and 6

How do I change a punctured inner tube on the rear wheel of  a woom 2 or 3?

If the rear wheel tyre of your woom 2 or 3 is punctured it can be a bit tricky to remove the rear wheel because of the chainguard. These two videos will show you how to do it for pre 2021 bikes and bikes bought January 2021 onwards.

First the pre-2021 bike.



This video shows you how to do the same job, but on bikes bought January 2021 onwards.

What is the woom Stem Safety Notice About?

woom have issued a safety notice relating to a specific range of the woom ORIGINAL bikes from model years 2018–2021 with a one-bolt stem clamp design, using a single silver bolt.

They have discovered a small likelihood that the stem, which connects the handlebars to the fork, may become loose or detach, impacting the steering. woom are issuing a stop-ride safety notice for all riders of the affected woom ORIGINAL bikes until the stem has been serviced.

To confirm if your bike may be affected please visit this page on the woom website and follow the links to see if it is. If it is and you would like the free woom ORIGINAL Stem Maintenance Kit with free shipping, please do not try to order it on the woom website. Please email them at: productsafetyEU@woom.com


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