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We are looking to distribute woom’s lightweight kids’ bikes to more independent bike shops.

The bikes are high-quality, well-made, and fun to ride. When compared to the rest of the lightweight kids’ bike market, they also offer great value for money for your customers.

Parents who do their research are discovering woom bikes, reading the excellent reviews and choosing them over other more well-known brands. The bikes offer very high levels of customer satisfaction and repeat purchase.

If you are a bicycle shop owner, who is looking to offer something a bit different, then selling woom bikes can be a great way to attract new customers and boost sales.

About the woom bikes range

woom bikes are super-lightweight. They come in a colourful range of 19 models from a 12″ wheel balance bike to a 26″ wheel E-MTB.

Compared to other brands, woom bikes are designed with a lower centre of gravity, a more upright ride and wider handlebars which makes them easier to ride – especially when first learning. The bigger, geared bikes have adjustable handlebars, so offering a better fit and room for growth.

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About woom bikes

woom bikes began life in the garage of 2 bicycle-mad Austrian dads in 2013.

Ten years later, woom is a huge international success. It is the biggest lightweight kids’ bike brand in USA as well as central and eastern Europe.

woom only make kids’ bikes. Their designers are fanatical about finding more ways to make riding bikes easy and fun for children.

About The Little Bike Company

We have been selling lightweight kids’ bikes at retail since 2012, both online and from a small shop. We are the official UK importer for woom bikes and supply a few other retailers.

We regularly get enquiries from around the country from parents who want to see the bikes and let their kids try them out. More dealers mean we can satisfy the demand for woom’s bikes.

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The offer

The offer is very straightforward. You can order as many or as few bikes as you like to try out the brand. There is no buy in. You can sell them in store or on your website. If available, we will offer local exclusivity if that is important to you. To find out more, just get in touch.


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Call: 01442 872123 or email: help@littlebike.co.uk

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