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woom Bikes Update

We started selling woom’s range of lightweight children’s bikes in the summer of 2017 in a fairly limited way. We have, we’re pleased to say, expanded the range and sold a lot of woom bikes since then. The range spans one of the smallest and lightest balance bikes available through to top end mountain bikes.

The star of the show (in sales terms anyway) is the woom 2. A superb, incredibly light bike (5.2kg) with 14″ wheels, the woom 2 is the best first pedal bike you can buy. Aside from its weight, it has a low centre of gravity and an upright riding position. This makes the bike very easy to ride and helps boost the confidence of younger, more inexperienced riders.

green woom 2 kids' bike

The team at woom work very hard at innovation – a large number of people work in research and development. Their approach is summed up by their motto, “Think Like a Child, Act Like A Pro”. One of the outcomes of this commitment to continuous improvement has been the woom Off mountain bike – incredibly light, beautifully designed bikes for hitting the trails.

woom have also built up an impressive range of clothing and accessories. One of the more popular accessories we stock is the distinctive combination cycle lock.

Woom Chain Bike Lock

We have just started stocking their winter cycling gloves, which are warm, windproof and shower proof. They are easy to wear and great value for money at £16.00.

woom winter gloves

There is also a cool range of woom t-shirts – maybe a stocking-filler for Christmas?

Child wearing woom Don't Touch My Bike T-Shirt

We are proud to be offering woom’s bikes, clothing and accessories in the UK. We are looking forward to working with them in the future and are excited about what is coming over the horizon.

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Turnaround on shipping or preparing bikes for collection is currently up to 7 working days.