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Junior Triathlons in the UK

A growing list of Kids’ and Junior Triathlons held in the UK We stock a great range of tri clothing for kids who enjoy junior triathlons as we know how important it is for children competing to have comfortable and practical clothing for the run, swim and ride. The sport is growing in the UK […]

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Dolphin Kick Tri Clothing for Kids – The story behind this brilliant brand

In this post we meet Angela Armitage, the owner of the successful new kids’ triathlon clothing range – Dolphin Kick.  We’re really impressed with this range of childrens’ tri gear and we wanted to share a little more about the brand and how it began. When did you set up Dolphin Kick and what were […]

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First Junior Triathlon – Bike Training Tips

How should you approach bike training for your childs junior triathlon? It’s often said in cycling magazines that just getting out on your bike as many times as you can is all good for building your bike speed, confidence and endurance.  This is true for adults & children alike. If your child is new to […]

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Bike Training Tips for The Junior Triathlete

Training for a triathlon is tough enough, add in the school work, social life, other extra curricular activities and any budding junior triathlete is going to have a very busy diary! So where do you start with training? Well as the bike part is going to be potentially where you can make the most time […]

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