What kit does my child need for a Junior Triathlon?

What kit does my child need for a Junior Triathlon?

So your child comes home, bouncing off the walls shouting “Mum! Mum!, guess what? I’m doing a triathlon!”  Whilst you’re answering with great enthusiasm “That’s Great! Well done! A triathlon!” One of two things will be going through your mind the first might be, “great, I know what this is” OR “A Tri….What?”

It the answer is the latter please don’t be freaked out by it! Junior Triathlon is an amazing way for kids to experience three sports at the same time.  (Great for kids with low boredom thresh holds and high energy levels!). It might be that your child is a good swimmer, great runner or just loves being on his bike or it could be that your child just loves experiencing different and new things,  what ever it is now is a the time to get involved and embrace the energy, fun and camaraderie that a sport such as Triathlon offers.

If you’re new to Junior Triathlon then you may feel a little overwhelmed by the thought of buying kit for three instead of one sport. You might be surprised to learn that you may actually have almost everything you need already.

Junior Triathlon wetsuit goggles and hat


Swimming costume
Swim hat
Ear plugs (only if your child wants them)
Wetsuit, for open water swims only

With the exception of a wet suit you may well find you have everything already.  A good quality, flexible wetsuit are best so your child should be able to still swim confidently and easily without feeling too restricted.  It would be a good idea to get them to try the wetsuit as much as possible in open water if at all possible.

boy on bike junior triathlon transition


Sun glasses (if sunny)

The majority of Junior Triathlons take place in closed roads.  This means there will be no car traffic and it’s likely to be on grass.  With this in mind if your child is doing this for the first time then a mountain bike is a good starting point.  Alternatively if you your child is really getting into triathlon then a good quality lightweight cyclo cross bike is great (see our junior triathlon selection here).  It offers a longer geometry so is more stable, the tyres have a tread on them so they can cope with a rougher terrain and as they’re lighter than mountain bikes your child will ride faster.

girl running in a junior triathlon


Running shoes

Seriously this is all they need…plus a bagful of energy (or Haribo’s) to keep them going through the run.

I think that just about covers it but if I’ve missed anything off then please let me know – all information is good.

Happy Tri-ing!

Junior triathlon swimmers hats and goggles

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Read my training blog  “Tantrums, Transitions and Triathlons” to see how my own training is going, juggling training for a middle distance Tri with being a Mum with running a bike shop with my husband and working in london every day! (Might need a few Haribos myself!)

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