Kids’ Cycle Clothing – do children really need specialist cycling gear?

Kids Cycle Clothing

We sell cycle clothing for kids because just like adults, kids want to be comfortable and safe when riding their bikes. The right kids’ cycle clothing can help more kids have more fun on their bikes and that’s our company mantra at The Little Bike Company.

We launched The Little Bike Company primarily to give parents a wider choice in lightweight kids’ bikes.  It became apparent very quickly that many parents also found it hard to get hold of high quality, affordable and practical kids’ cycle clothing.  We’ve been expanding our range since we launched and we now have a fantastic choice of brands for your discerning young cyclists.

Why buy Kids’ Cycle Clothing

So why should you buy children’s cycle clothing? Cycling gear designed for the job rather than general sports clothing.


Children, just like adults need to be comfortable to enjoy what they’re doing, perhaps even more so as, unlike adults, many kids will not suffer the slightest discomfort in silence. When deciding on which cycle clothing to buy, there are a few things you should check to ensure your child will be as comfortable as possible, regardless of the weather.


To maximise comfort, cycle clothing needs to be fairly tight-fitting and it goes without saying that getting the right fit is important with any tight fitting clothing. Avoid pinching from clothes that are too tight, we all know kids grow fast so just as you would check their football boots for the new season, it’s worth checking their cycling shoes and clothing still fits well every few months.

Perhaps the most important kids’ cycling clothing available to maximise comfort are cycling shorts and trousers.

kids cycling shorts with removable pad

These Funkier quest kids’ cycling shorts come with a Coolmax pad to ensure maximum comfort on long bike rides or when racing. There’s nothing quite as uncomfortable as saddle sores!

Wicking Clothing – Choose High-Performance Fabric

Wicking clothing pulls the sweat away from your skin through the fabric where it can then evaporate away more quickly.  This means your child will stay drier and be more comfortable when they get hot and sweaty, especially when the weather is cooler where you can get that uncomfortable chilly feeling with damp, sweaty clothing. Even if you’re not buying from a kids’ cycling clothing specialist, checking the fabric has wicking properties will really help your child feel more comfortable.


Follow your Granny’s advice and wear layers! When cycling it’s important to be able to regulate your temperature, layering is by far the easiest way to ensure you’re not too hot and not too cold. Encourage them to wear thin layers which are lightweight, quick to take on and off and easy to stash in a back pack. A lightweight rain jacket is an essential for British cycling!

kids cycling jersey

This Funkier Force kids’ cycling jersey has the added benefit of 50+ UV protection. Possibly the best quality kids’ cycling jerseys we’ve seen for this price range. The jersey is made of 100% polyester mesh which is treated with Quick Dry active protection, so it wicks away moisture really quickly.


Hi Vis

It’s absolutely vital that any cyclists wear clothing that will help them to be seen by drivers, especially if cycling at dusk. See more advice on our blog about keeping kids safe when cycling at dusk.

There’s a great choice of kids’ cycle clothing featuring hi-vis flashes at The Little Bike Company as well as our fully hi-viz jackets and jerseys.  You can also buy hi-viz arm and leg bands to add a hi-viz flash to any cycling clothing.


Gloves are a really simple safety measure for young cyclists. For summer cycling a pair of short finger mitts is perfect to prevent scuffs and grazes to palms and knuckles if they fall.  Anything to help kids get back up and cycling again quickly is a must in our book.

kids cycling gloves fingerless

We love these kids Polaris Controller mitts which come in lots of great colours and designs.


Your child should always wear a helmet, even when cycling on grass. They are proven to save adults and kids from serious head injuries. The important thing is to get the fit right, there’s not much point wearing a helmet that is too loose fitting or positioned incorrectly on the child’s head.  If the helmet is comfortable and looks good, kids will not complain.

You can read about how to achieve the perfect fit for a cycling helmet in this post – choosing and sizing kids cycle helmets


A very quick safety tip is to avoid laces on shoes, these can get entangled in the chain and cause accidents.  So whilst you don’t necessarily need specialist cycling shoes, make sure kids have a pair of trainers with a velcro fastening or get some of those fab new ‘Hickies’ to convert lace up trainers, your kids will love them and you’ll never have to tie laces up again!

If you have any questions about our range of kids’ cycling clothing do not hesitate to get in touch.

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