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This week Simon had the chance to interview Shelley Lawson, one half of the husband and wife team who have created the successful kids lightweight bike brand Frog Bikes!  We love them and we are thrilled to hear about their plans for the future – especially the imminent launch of the exciting Frog Road Bikes.

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Frog Bikes have proved to be a huge success since launch.  Why do you think this is?

The success of Frog is mainly down to the lightness of our bikes. They fill a gap in the kids bike market for affordable bikes that are easy to ride and handle. Plus they’re designed entirely with children in mind, from the easy twist gears and short-reach brake levers, to the colourful frames and fun Frog “splat” logo!
What has also fuelled Frog’s growth is that the bikes are available in the best independent bike stores throughout the UK, stores that give customers great advice and service. They really know their product.
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What challenges have you faced since starting the company?

Like any new company, it has been very hard to forecast demand so we have had periods of being out of stock of our best-sellers. It takes several months to make our bikes, and whilst we have been growing so rapidly it has been really tough to predict how many bikes we’ll need several months down the line. Our lovely stockists have been really patient with us, and we have stronger plans in place to keep up with the demand this year.

Last year everyone told us that kids don’t get bikes for Christmas, they get iPads. Then orders grew and grew and we had to send out 900 bikes in the three days leading up to Christmas. (Stressful!)

What ambitions do you have for Frog Bikes over the next couple of years?

Looking ahead we will be continuing to refine and develop our range for kids, making the bikes as light and as enjoyable to ride as possible. We’re bringing out a range of Frog road bikes in June which are super-light and really well designed.

Plus we have had so much interest in our bikes from Norway, Finland, Sweden, Germany and South Africa; we are helping our local teams get established and work with the best independent bike stores in these new markets.
See all the details of the new Frog Road Bikes  for kids from around 8 years old and up
Thanks Shelley!
Do ask if you have any questions about our range of Frog Bikes, we’ve been selling them at The Little Bike Company since we launched last year and can answer any questions on getting the right size for your child, they have a very broad range and we can find the perfect fit for your child.   You can also read our recent blog post on Sizing Kids Bikes.
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