Cycling with Babies and Toddlers – choosing a child seat

Cycling with Little Kids!

Once your baby’s head is strong enough you can think about buying them a helmet and purchasing a child’s bike seat. Cycling is of course fantastic excercise and having your baby or toddler come along on the back means you can get from A to B, or simply head off on a bike ride for fun.  The lovely image above is via  Colville Anderson

We love cycling along the canal with our kids, our toddler shouts and points at the ducks, it’s great fun. Our little one has now recently progressed to a balance bike – it won’t be long before she’s keeping up with us, pedalling under her own steam!  Take a look at the family cycling area on our site if you are just starting out and want to get cycling with your children – Family Cycling, balance bikes, child seats, first bikes.

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Choosing a Child Bike Seat

We stock Bobike child bike seats, they are safe and well built,  with a secure 3 point harness, essential for a childs bike seat. Here’s a little bit more about the 3 bike seats we stock.

Bobike Maxi Classic Rear Child Seat

Bobike Maxi Classic Rear Child Seat

Will fit to most bikes with or without a pannier rack.

Can be fited to the seat tube of your bike with the purchase of an additional mounting bracket.

The three point harness and adjustable foot straps make for a very safe child bike seat.

Features a waterproof cushioned seat and a recessed seat back for little helmeted heads.

The seat will best suit a child aged 9 months to 4 years old or 9 to 22 kilos

Bobike Maxi Exclusive Rear Child Seat

Bobike Maxi Exclusive Rear Child Seat

Easy to fit to either a pannier rack or to the seat tube using the supplied one point mounting.

The seat has a 3 point safety belt, adjustable shoulder straps and foot trays ensure a safe ride.

Waterproof cushioned seat and ample helmet recess makes for a very comfortable ride.

The seat will fit a child aged between 9 months and 6 years old or weighing up to 22 kilos.

Available in 6 colours.

Bobike Mini front mounted bike seat

Bobike Mini Exclusive Front Mounted Child Seat

This front mounted Bobike childseat, allows both parent and child to feel safe, secure and have fun on a bike together.

The seat is ultra safe and provides a very comfortable ride.

It features an adjustable 3 point safety harness and adjustable footrests.

The seat fits onto both standard quill and threadless headset/handlebar systems.

The seat also features a faux handlebar for the child to help with the steering.

This bike child seat is available in 6 colours

Tips for Cycling with Babies and Toddlers

The following links are packed with information and advice for cycling with babies and toddlers using a mounted child seat or a trailer.  There are also tips on what to bring along on your bike rides.

Front Mounted Child Seats

Why a front mounted child seat may be a better option than a rear seat.

Things to consider before buying a bike trailer

Cycle Sprog have a great deal of useful information if you are on the verge of buying a bike trailer for your kids.

What you need to cycle with your toddler

It’s wise to be prepared for all eventualities when cycling with a toddler – Sustrans has some good tips for what you should have with you.

Should you cycle when pregnant?

Great article here from Cycle Sprog, it’s a serious worry for some mothers to be – what’s most important maintaining fitness or not risking a tumble?

Take a look at the little cycling helmets we stock here and see our post on correctly fitting bike helmets for advice – or do call and we can help with any aspects of cycling with your kids.

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