Is your child’s bike heavier than yours?

Why is my bike heavier than yours

How heavy is your bike? 

We had some fun with maths comparing the weight of some kids bikes relative to the weight of adult bikes (that Maths o’level was finally useful!)

We think you will be quite shocked by the result!

This Apollo Cherry bike for a 5 to 7 year old available at Halfords weighs in at 11.2kg.  That’s heavier than many adult road racing bikes, typically they weigh 9-12kg.  For further comparison a typical adult Mountain Bike will weigh around 15kg.

Lets say the little girl that we’re buying a bike for weighs 19kg (that’s around 3 stone) and her dad weighs 76kg (around 12 stone) 

The Apollo Cherry is 58% the weight of the little girl. 

An adult bike weighing 58% of her dads weight would be a whopping 44kg! (7 stone)

44kg is around 4 times as heavy as an adult road bike and 3 times the weight of a standard adult mountain bike! 

We only stock lightweight kids bikes because we believe children enjoy cycling more when they can manoeuvre their bikes easily. Heavy cumbersome bikes are far more likely to be left rusting in the shed and that certainly doesn’t equate to value for money!

Lots of people will buy a bike like this one shown as a first bike for a child – the bike their child is expected to learn on! The bike they will spend a lot of time lifting up off the floor.

Learning on a lightweight bike is so much easier, quicker and a great deal less painful.  We have some tips here showing the best method for teaching your child to ride their first pedal bike.

Early rider belter 5.6kg
We’ve hunted out the very best and lightest kids bikes, like this beautiful Little Belter which is so popular we’re out of stock as soon as a delivery arrives (more expected mid November – call us to reserve one!)
Have a look on the website, all specs / weights and handy inside leg measurement guides are included for every bike so you can be sure it is the right size rather than relying on guessing by wheel measurement or age
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