Team Sky and Frog Bikes Join forces!

Team Sky Branded Frog Bikes!

We’re jumping for joy and super excited about the soon to be launched Team Sky branded Frog bikes! This is great news for mums & dads out there who’s kids want a ‘Me too’ bike – how smart will the family look in their matching bikes & gear…almost like their own version of a Team Sky peloton!

team sky frog bikes range

So here’s the lowdown, Team Sky and Frog Bikes have put together 1 Tadpole balance bike, 7 hybrid bikes and 3 different sized road bikes all branded in the smart, slick black and sky blue colours with the iconic Team Sky blue line used throughout the Sky Team kit.

Not only this but the clever bods at Team Sky and Frog Bikes have also produced a fab range of kids cycle clothing & accessories with the Team Sky colours which include jersey’s, jackets, gloves and an ever so smart saddle pack and even a ruck sack.

Here at TLBC head quarters cannot wait to see the bikes & accessories and get some into the showroom to see for ourselves.

So if your child wants to feel & look like a pro, you know where to come!

Orders can be taken from October 2014.

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Turnaround on shipping or preparing bikes for collection is currently up to 7 working days.