Road Racing and Cyclocross bikes for kids

The recent achievements of our British cyclists is having a big effect on the number of kids looking to take up competitive cycling.  If you are looking for a more serious bike this year for your child but want some flexibility then this Formeula Road 24 is perfect as it caters for both road racing and cyclocross.  It comes with two sets of tyres, so your child can road race through the summer and transition to Cyclocross competition in the winter months – genius!

Is a Cyclocross bike just a fancy name for a mountain bike?

No, you can use a mountain bike for many cyclocross events, however a cyclocross bike is much lighter than a mountain bike and has drop handle bars, it has nobbly tyres for extra grip but they are slimmer than a mountain bikes tyres.  Often you need to carry your bike on a cyclocross track (up steep hills, steps or across very rough terrain) and mountain bikes are generally too heavy for this.

There is a great buying guide for choosing a cyclocross bike over on The Road Cycling UK website.

Our Formeula Road 24 was recently mentioned in a Road racing buying guide from Cycle Sprog – we also stock the Moda Major and Minor road and cyclocross bikes mentioned in their reveiw.

Formeula Road 24 Kids road racing bike

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