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The Woom 2 suits a rider with an inside leg measurement between 39-50cm aged between 3 and 5 years old.
The Woom 2 is a great lightweight first pedal bike for any child. At only 5.2kg it is one of the lightest bikes of this size available.
The frame and forks are made of very light aluminium tubing and all the components are age specific. Its 14″ wheels are manufactured to a very high standard. All this makes the Woom 2 a really easy bike to ride. Available in 5 colours. From 2019, the Woom 2 has a newly designed stem, new ergonomic handlebar grips and a full chainguard.

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To accurately measure your child’s inside leg, please use the easy to follow 7 step process on our bike size guide


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Additional information


Mini V-brakes


470mm wide aluminium BMX style




80mm aluminium


6061 Aluminium




Kenda Small Block 14 x 1.5"


Super-light aluminium


1" semi-integrated


3, 4, 5





Wheel Size

14 inches

4 reviews for woom 2

  1. Liam Faulkner

    We got a woom 2 for my wee boy for his christmas. Without exaggeration I can say it was the best purchase I have ever made. The price was quite high, more than you’ll spend on many other bikes in the same category, but it really is excellent.
    I took him out on his bike for the first time on boxing day and he was cycling hiself within 15 minutes. from a standing stop. I’m still amazed. This was him just turned 3.
    I think it’s dead important that We’d got my boy a balance bike for christmas the year before. he waddled around with it between his legs for months but then, at some point during the summer it just clicked and he was scooting around happy as.
    But many of his friends were the same. The biggest differnce I can see is the weight of the bike. The woom 2 is about 5 kg. I see so many kids on bikes weighing as much as 10 kg. that difference is enormous when the kid is only 12-15 kg. I cant imagine riding a 60 kg bike!
    But there’s other things which have been important over the last few months: the brake levers are differnt colours which means I can talk to him about the green and the black brakes when he doesn’t know his left from his right. There’s this little rubber bit under handlebars which pulls at the steering if he trys to turn too sharply, this is amazing because oversteer is the main reason he’ll crash. The gear ratio is quite high, means he struggles up hills a bit but also means he goes real fast on the flat which makes the bike loads of fun.
    I love this bike. I’m evangelical for it. I’ve posted to reddit many timea about its virtues. I worry I may be overselling it sometimes. But at 3.5 my boy just cycled the 8 mile Rob Roy Loop himself (walking the bike up the steeper sections at the start) and I genuinely believe it’s because he has the right tool for the job. I can’t recommend this enough.


  2. Julesee (verified owner)

    Awesome bike for little people. Bought it for my little boys 3rd birthday. He’d had a balance bike so he’d gained his confidence and balance on that but I was certain a lightweight upgrade would be the way to go. On his 3rd birthday he had it nailed within 15 minutes and cycled the mile to collect his big bros. with no problem. The upright stance has definitely been a benefit, as i know my older child complained his hands hurt on more traditional mountain bike stance bike. The lightweight frame has helped him keep up with his brother and the ergonomic seating position has, I believe, enabled him to go so much further more comfortably. A great first pedal bike. Considering the 4 for his big brother!

  3. Christian (verified owner)

    Stylish and modern designed bicycle for our little ones. Due to the ergonomic design this little light-wight bike made it easy for our son to learn how to cycle. I would also like to point out how fantastic the service of thelittlebikecompany is. They made sure , even on short-noticed, that we get our birthday present delivered in time. Thank you again for that help.

  4. Richard Hale (verified owner)

    The Woom bikes are just incredible. Low centre of gravity, higher bar, a beautiful look, very lightweight, and little details that make it a joy for my 4 year old to ride. Just upscaling to the Woom 3. The best bit for me – who has loved biked all my life – is you don’t see any others out and about. It’s a very special piece of engineering. Get it!

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