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The best and safest tag along or towing product we have found.  It allows children the freedom to ride on their own or safely get a tow.  The clever attachment system means it is quick and easy to hitch and un-hitch the child’s bike.  It is articulated, so there is no exaggerated ‘lean’, which you get when cornering with some other towing systems.
The FollowMe stows neatly away on the adult bike, so you and your child can ride in tandem or independently.
It fits any adult bike and children’s bikes with wheels from 12 to 20 inches.

If the child’s bike has a hollow hub on the front wheel (E.g. Isla Bikes and Frog Bikes) you will need one of the adapters which we also sell.  Please call us on 01442 872123 if you’re not sure what you need.



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2 reviews for FollowMe Tandem

  1. mjollnir

    I bought one of these to replace a seat post mounted bar-type tag-along that just wasn’t offering the stability I needed for the 1.5mile commute to school. I’m towing a 23kg child on a Frog 55 without any problems whatsoever. It keeps them safe on busy roads and has a great folding mechanism that allows your child their freedom when on quiet roads or cycleways. I’ve used it every day for 6 months in all weathers, there’s no signs of corrosion or wear.

  2. nelikim

    Have just bought this to replace an old tag-a-long I’d picked up cheap – this is way better.
    The child’s bike does not lean….it hardly feels like you have them behind you – when they wobble it hardly impacts you – and for a general cyclist it just doesn’t feel like you have a child attached.
    It was easy for my bike man to fit – and then easy for me to use – mind you i need to have the bikes leaning on something else to attach and detach her bike.
    She loves it and is way more secure than on the tag bike.

    Worth the money. Am looking forward to getting our cycling legs back again.

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