The lightest First Bike – The Little Belter!

lightweight kids' bike

Early Rider  Belter

If Aston Martin made kids bikes they would probably look a little similar to Early riders ‘Little Belter’ – it’s a beautiful award winning bike and we are very proud to stock it at The Little Bike Company.

Other than the obvious beautiful design, why should you buy a little belter?

Extremely lightweight bike

The lightest pedal bike there is! Lightweight bikes enable kids to have more fun because it’s easier to learn to ride and your child can pick it up and go with no fuss. Parents can also avoid backache when lifting a little belter in and out of car boots, sheds or over styles! – this is the ultimate lightweight bike as they have even removed the traditional chain and replaced it with a lighter belt drive. If you are local to our showroom in Berkhamsted we recommend you come in and pick one up for yourself to see how light they really are.  They weigh 5.8kg – in old money that’s just over 12lb’s, for reference a ‘Barbie first bike’ from tescos weighs in at 12kg – thats more than twice as heavy!

Carbon belt drive kids bike

Maintenance free

No chain = low low maintenance!

Retains Value

This bike is very popular, when your little one outgrows it and you don’t have a sibling or friend to pass it on to you can sell it and as long as it’s still in reasonable condition you will undoubtedly fetch a good price for it!

Lightest kids bike - girl on bike

… and it turns heads!

Daisy Bridgewater, Telegraph journalist has this to say about the Little Belter Bike from Early Rider –

“Designed from scratch to be lightweight, super-efficient and maintenance free. At 5.8kg it’ll be the lightest pedal bike on the market. Weight is key to get them riding effortlessly – if you consider the average 5 year old weighs 17kg, picking up and riding a 12kg steel bike is the equivalent of a 80kg man riding a 55kg bike. It just wouldn’t happen. The bike is simply easier for a child to pick up and get moving which will mean they will love riding it. It’s called the Belter because they’ve used a belt drive instead of a chain”

Her comments really make you think about how heavy the average kids first bike is, especially the toy bikes we call BSO’s (Bike Shaped Objects) that are sold in supermarkets for kids – it’s true that when it comes to most things, especially bikes, you get what you pay for.

If you are about to start teaching your child to ride a pedal bike for the first time you may find this article with useful tips and advice helpful – Teaching your child to ride a pedal bike

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