Kids’ Cycling Gloves – keep little hands warm.

kids' cycling gloves

 Keep little hands warm!

We see lots of kids riding bikes wearing their woollen gloves.  Initially these gloves will feel warm but the moment there is any dampness or rain involved, or the wind picks up, they will soon stop offering any protection and can make hands even colder.

Having cold hands makes cycling a miserable experience.

It is also important when children are cycling that hands don’t slip at a crucial moment.  A pair of kids cycling gloves with a good grip will help them to change gears and brake easily, rather than fumbling and losing concentration on the road.

kids winter cycling gloves

Which kids cycling gloves are best?

We specialise in kids cycling clothes at The Little Bike Company. Cycling gloves are one of the things we think makes a huge difference to a child’s enjoyment when cycling in winter.  Our motto is getting more kids to have more fun on bikes; getting the right cycling kit for winter really helps.

The gloves we stock are specially designed for cycling, here are two pairs of Polaris kids gloves we believe are perfect for making winter cycling much more enjoyable.

polaris kids cycling gloves

Polaris Mini Hoolie Children’s Gloves

These Polaris Mini Hoolie children’s gloves are perfect for young cyclists.

Protection from the elements

The gloves have a smooth surface windproof laminate, so even in the worst conditions your child won’t be complaining of cold or wet hands.


For additional comfort theses gloves have a gel pad for the palm, you can tell these gloves have been designed by professional cyclists. The thumb also has a fleece nose wipe, again one of those details that just shows how well designed these kids cycling gloves are, you don’t want kids to get a sore, chapped nose and runny noses are to be expected with winter cycling.


Each finger has a silicon print grip, so changing gears wont be a problem and they won’t slip on the brakes. This is perhaps one of the most important things to consider when choosing a pair of cycling gloves for a child or adult.


The Mini Hoolie gloves are available in 3 colours, including a flourescent yellow and orange which will make children more visible on the road at dusk.  We have more tips on keeping kids safe here –  Safety tips for kids cycling at dusk

waterproof kids cycling gloves

The Polaris Mini Torrent kids’ waterproof cycling gloves

The perfect answer to a cold, wet winter ride.

Protection from the elements

These children’s winter cycling gloves offer a fully waterproof Hipora membrane to keep hands dry. 3M Thinsulate stuffing ensures hands stay warm.


A longer length neoprene cuff  helps to keep out the cold from the gap between your sleeve and the glove. The gloves also have a brushed lining inside for extra warmth and comfort.


As with the Mini Hoolie’s there is a silicon print grip to ensure your children’s fingers don’t slip and it’s easy to change gear.

These gloves have a reflective print to the back of the hand, another safe guard in low light levels.

Measure your child’s hand for the perfect fit

Measure the circumference of the palm to make sure you order the correct size of gloves for your child.  The Mini Hoolie kids gloves come in the following sizes.

All the size details of our gloves can be found on the website, both the Mini Hoolie and Mini Torrent kids’ gloves are avaiable in four sizes.

Choose the gloves which are slightly larger rather than smaller, if gloves are very tight they will not feel comfortable.

If you have any questions about sizing or buying kids bikes and accessories do give us a call and we can take you though any aspect of kit that kids might need for winter cycling.

To order a pair on the website click here Polaris Kids Cycling Gloves

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