Is your child’s bike too heavy?

Why is my bike heavier than yours
Great customer review, Rob ditched a heavy bike and bought a Frog!  He and his daughter Sophie are loving their long bike rides now!  The photo shows Sophie “on a mission” as Rob put it, from Bexhill to Hastings and back this summer on her new lightweight bike.
“Ever since we bought my daughter a Frog Bike her riding has progressed immeasurably.
The main factors that have helped her the most are the difference in weight from your average high street brand and the fact that the brake levers are the right size and distance for her to reach as well as being very responsive.This seems like such a simple thing but gives kids so much more confidence and control over their cycle.We have enjoyed many fun rides and gone so much further without complaint since the new bike and for that alone we are very happy customers!” – Rob Hopper, Tring.
The ethos of The Little Bike Company is to get more kids having more fun on bikes.  When we receive feedback like this we know that we’re getting it right!
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A collection of lightweight Frog bikes
Rob had a recommendation from a friend to come and have a chat with us, his daughter’s current bike was too heavy and cumbersome and she just didn’t want to go on bike rides.  We recommended a little lightweight Frog bike, great to look at and expertly designed for children.
It’s a story we hear again and again from our customers, they buy a cheaper, heavier bike and it actually hampers the progression of their kids ability to ride with confidence – not really a saving if you actually want your kids to enjoy cycling and use their bikes regularly (and not whinge about long bike rides!)
Read our post all about comparing the typical weight of a kids bike with that of an adult bike! – “Is your childs bike heavier than yours?” you’ll be really surprised!
We’d love your feedback too if you have purchased a new lightweight kids bike from us – has it made a big difference to your childs cycling? – leave a comment on our Facebook wall or send us an email!
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