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Top Tips for Junior Triathletes!

The Little Bike Company are proud to announce their sponsorship of the worlds largest Junior Triathlon series for a second year, The Castle Triathlon Series, and In celebration of this we have a special offer on kids cycle wear just for you and a free water bottle with every purchase.  Find the offer code at the end of this post and take a look at all of our triathlon products for juniors here.
At The Little Bike Company we’re passionate about encouraging kids to try Junior Triathlon. We think we’re the only place in the UK that takes Junior Triathlon as seriously as you do – the more kids (and parents) we can get involved, the better.  As a mother, a kids bike shop owner and a triathlete myself, I’m really excited to be able to support The Castle Triathlon Juniors again this year!
It might be that your child is a good swimmer, great runner or just loves being on his bike or it could be that your child just loves experiencing different and new things,  what ever it is now is a the time to get involved and embrace the energy, fun and camaraderie that Triathlon offers.  Junior Triathlons are particularly great for kids with low boredom threshholds and high energy levels.
burgess junior triatlon
Stephen, Nathan and Zack Burgess are three brothers in Hertfordshire who love doing triathlon. They got into it by being active in all three disciplines and so their Mum suggested they give triathlon a go. 
Your child doesn’t have to be the best on the day, you just want them to enjoy themselves, soak up the atmosphere and leave thinking ‘Yes, I want to do this again’.
Over the next few months I’ll be writing a number of blogs here to help children training for a Triathlon. (We’ll link to them here as they are posted) It would be great to hear from you, your children and to track progress and answer any questions you might have on the subject.  We’re on facebook (here) if you’d like to post us a message and keep up with our posts  – or email Beth at beth@littlebike.co.uk if you have any questions.
We’ll be covering the following topics –
I think that just about covers it but I will hopefully be guided by you and your thoughts & questions.
Good luck!

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Beth Timlett x
tantrums triathlons and transitions header

Tantrums, Transitions & Triathlons

As a keen triathlete myself I’ve decided to take on the challenge of The Gauntlet at Hever Castle in September.  I’ve decided to keep a blog on my progress and the trials & tribulations of squeezing my training in around being a mum, bike shop owner and working in London.  If there are any other mums (or dads) who’ve considered something like this then please do click through, read and see if you’d like to follow…
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