Frog Bikes – a great British kids’ bike company!

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Frog Bikes launched 5 years ago, it started as a small family business and has grown to be incredibly successful in UK and overseas. We’re glad to have been a part of the rise to the top of this great UK kids’ bike specialist.  

Frog Bikes and The Little Bike Company

We remember when we stumbled upon the Frog Bikes website one day in January 2013. Frog Bikes were yet to launch their new range of lightweight children’s bikes and their website was not properly live.

When we phoned them, co-owner Jerry Lawson was surprised we had found them, but obviously pleased. In less than a week, Jerry had visited us to show us some bikes and we had ordered one of each in the range and started selling Frog Bikes in our shop (we didn’t have a website then!).  

Frog Bikes – attention to detail!

The early days were not without their challenges.  Many of the bikes we received had paint damage to the frames due to lack of effective quality control in the factory in China. There were some components fitted to the bikes which didn’t work properly.  And then there were the out of stocks – demand being so high, the factory couldn’t keep up.  All those issues are in the past, the quality is now consistently high, everything works as it should and supplies are excellent. 

frog bikes range uk

What started as a range of 9 bikes in 4 different colours has developed into a range of 18 in up to 8 different colours, with more bikes about to launch very soon. Jerry once told us their original business plan was to sell 2,000 bikes a year.

The most popular lightweight kids’ bikes in Europe

We don’t know what they sell now (he hasn’t told us), but it is many multiples of that number – making them the most popular lightweight kids’ bikes in Europe. There have been a host of me-too launches from competitors of, frankly, varying quality.  But all this, happily for The Little Bike Company, has led to substantial growth in the lightweight children’s bike market.

buying frog bikes

Why buy a Frog Bike?

So why are Frog Bikes so successful?  There a number of things which have fuelled this success.  

  1. The bikes are lighter than many other bikes available.
  2. The geometry of Frog Bikes makes them easier to ride.
  3. There is a wide range of child-friendly colours available.
  4. The hybrid pedal bikes come with free good quality mudguards.
  5. All the pedal bikes have a free spare set of off road tyres.  
  6. Frog Bikes are very good value for money compared to some other lightweight children’s bikes.
  7. Frog Bikes retain their value.  As good quality bicycles, if looked after and serviced regularly, the bikes can command very good prices second hand.

The team at Frog bikes are obsessive about childrens’ bikes and spend a lot of time thinking about how to make their bikes easy and fun to ride.  They continually undertake research into how children ride bicycles, which drives innovation and improvement of their bikes.

We’ve worked with Frog Bikes very successfully for the last 5 years and look forward to the next 5 being even better.

Please let us know if you need any advice on the full range of Frog Bikes!


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