Frog Balance Bikes, the tadpoles!

frog balance bikes

Frog balance bikes help kids ride sooner and safer!

We believe that children who have been given the opportunity to start cycling on a balance bike end up learning to ride a pedal bike much faster and even become more adept at handling a bike as they get older. Frog balance bikes are ideal for getting pre-school kids riding. They also come in some fantastic colours!

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Why do balance bikes help kids learn to ride quicker?

Balance bikes help children develop deft manoeuvring when riding bikes – which makes riding easier and, ultimately, safer. They also mean you don’t need the hated (by us!) stabilisers!! (please read our why stabilisers are a waste of time post if you are in any doubt whatsoever!) With a balance bike, kids learn about steering without all the complexities of pedalling. They also learn that zooming around on bikes is great fun once you master the art of coasting!

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Get your toddlers on a bike!

Frog balance bikes come in a range of 3, which means there is a first kids’ bike suitable for any toddler starting out cycling (and even have a Team Sky balance bike!). All 3 bikes offer lightweight aluminium frames and forks, a range of colours, saddles which are appropriately sized and also a single brake on the rear. The rear brake adds to feet as another way to stop! And also acts as a useful transition onto a pedal bike later on.

frog tadpole mini balance bike

Frog Tadpole Mini Balance Bike

The baby of the range is the incredibly cute Frog Tadpole Mini. It has 10 inch wheels, comes in 3 colours and is suitable for children as young as 12 months – as long as they can confidently stand over the bike. It’s not necessarily suitable for every 1 year old – kids develop at different rates. This Frog balance bike is ideal for those that can, it offers the independence of riding 2 wheels to smaller riders and gets them balancing as early as possible.

frog tadpole balance bike

Frog Tadpole Balance Bike

The Frog Tadpole is the most popular of the Frog balance bikes. It has 12 inch wheels and is suitable for most 2 to 4 year olds. At 4kg it is very light and the range of 7 colours means there is something for everyone. A year or two on the Frog Tadpole means that most kids will take to their first pedal bike quickly and easily.

frog tadpole plus balance bike

Frog Tadpole Plus Balance Bike

The Frog Tadpole Plus is a 14” wheel version of the bike which suits slightly bigger or older children. Some children may come to riding a bike a little later than others and therefore a 12” wheel bike might not be suitable in current size or may not offer enough longevity. The Tadpole Plus will suit children aged around 3 to 5 years old and will comfortably accommodate kids with inside legs up to 48cm.

Let us know if you need help deciding which Frog balance bike is right for you. The Little Bike Company team are on hand to answer your queries by phone or email, or send us a Tweet / Instagram or Facebook message.  We’re an independent company and have stocked frog bikes from the start, read all about the history of Frog bikes here – Frog Bikes – A Great British Bike Company

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