Cycling Safety for Kids in Winter

Cycling Safety for Kids in Winter

This time of year, as the nights draw in, it is vital that your children are kitted up with reflective clothing and approriate lights and reflectors for their bikes.

cycling at dusk kids safety tips

In our blog post ‘Cycling at Dusk – Road Safety Tips for Kids‘ we created a checklist of all the important actions you can take to maximise the safety of your child when cycling to and home from school.

It might seem like madness to let your child cycle in the dark, but cycling at dusk or on early mornings is equally dangerous and you need to make your children as visible as possible.  The weather and position of the sun, not just the time of day all impact visibility.

We have a number of Hi Vis products which can help your child stay safe by ‘being seen’ when cycling at dusk.

hi vis kids gloves neon yellow

We stock these extremely popular Polaris ‘Mini Hoolie’ Hi Vis gloves in two colours, reflective neon yellow and orange.  Neon is very popular with kids clothing at the moment.

hi vis bands for kids safety

The hi vis bands for kids can be worn on arms or legs, a simple velcro fastening makes them easy to attach over clothing.

hi vis waist coat for kids

We stock hi vis waist coats in 4 sizes – a great way to ensure kids are visible at dusk.

Tales of the Road

The government has a fantastic campaign called Tales of the Road where they are educating kids on how to stay safe on roads.

The website is geared up for  young children with advice on how to stay safe and ‘be bright’.   There are interactive games they can play and flash images they can roll over to show them how to make their bike visible to drivers.

look after your bike

In the above image the children can roll over the hot spots to see where they can add reflectors and lights to their bike to make them visible to traffic on the roads.

safety cycling quiz

On the kids’ safety website there is a game where they have to click to turn kids ‘bright’ before they cross a road, if they fail the child get’s squashed – a little macabre but it’s done in a humorous way young kids will enjoy.

The serious message is to ensure they realise the consequences of not wearing their lights and reflective clothing and accessories when walking or cycling at dusk.  A great campaign for raising awareness as the darker evenings and early mornings can creep up on you. Children should always have hi vis clothing, bands and lights fitted to their bikes if they cycle to school.

If you have any questions about the products on our website please do call or send us an email.

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