Cool Cycling Gifts

Cycling Gift Ideas!

There are some super cool cycling gifts available, we thought we’d share a few of our ideas with you!  If you know a cyclist and you’re scratching your head as to what to buy them take a look at these fun ideas!


The Velosock

velosock with girl

Keep the house free from mud by buying your cycle enthusiast one of these Velosocks.  We thought these would be particularly useful for cycling students who need to keep their bike safe inside, but don’t have the time (or inclination) to clean their tyres after riding through muddy puddles.  They’re available in all sorts of designs to suit lots of tastes! (the random fox fur collar and practical cycling stillettos are optional!)

The Skylock – Keyless Bike Lock

skylock keyless bike lock

This clever cycling gadget the ‘Skylock‘ sounds very James Bond and launches in 2015, it’s a bicycle lock which is keyless!  It’s operated with your smartphone and will even alert you if someone is fiddling with it while you’re not there!  Looks a bit pricey to us, but then it depends how much your bike and insurance premiums are.

Zackees – Signalling Gloves!

Signalling gloves for cyclists

 These gloves are a fantastic idea – they’re being developed by Zackees.com  They have leds so you can clearly signal to traffic in front or behind as you change direction.  The led’s are easily activated and the gloves are top quality and washable!  What a fab idea, we’re loving all the new technology which is being designed to help keep cyclists safe on the road.  

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gift ideas for bike lovers

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cyclists mug gift ideas

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