Cholmondeley Castle Triathlon 2013 – Come and say hi to The Little Bike Company!

This Sunday the 23rd we are at Cholmondeley Castle Triathlon in Cheshire – we’ll be in our big red gazebo with a selection of lightweight kids bikes and great cycling accessories.  Everything an adult cyclist would need, just in kids sizes!

The Triathlon is set in the most beautiful grounds, it’s a private residence and not open to the public, so a rare opportunity to explore the grounds – we can’t wait!

“All races at Cholmondeley Castle start by launching into an open water swim in the iridescent Deer Park Mere Lake, transitioning into the technical cycle circumnavigating Bickerton Hill, which is the southern most tip of the Peckforton hills. There will be one cycle lap for the Sprint and two laps for both the Mid and Olympic distances. Similarly, the run passes through the stunning estate grounds and has one lap for the Sprint and two laps for the Mid-Distance and Olympic races. Triathletes finish by sprinting down the main lawn to the finish with Cholmondeley Castle as a fitting backdrop!”

Cholmondeley Castle Triathlon

We have personally chosen every item we stock from our suppliers and know them inside out so we will be able to answer all your questions and help ensure your children get exactly what they need.

It may well be a bit wet and not just for the contestants competing in the triathlon, but we wont let that dampen our spirits – if you need to shelter from the rain then come and see us, we’ll have plenty of room in our gazebo!

Light kids bikes and beth

Beth getting the bikes ready for the trip up north to Cheshire! (Hope they all fit in the van!) Hope to see you there, come and say hi or tweet us @thelittlebikeco 🙂

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