Buying a Child’s First Bike? – Read our expert advice first!

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Since we launched The Little Bike Company we’ve helped lots of parents pick the right bike for their child.  We’ve put together a quick round-up of a few posts we think will be really useful for you to read  before you buy your child their first bike – we are just a phonecall away if you have any queries!

Is your child actually ready for a bike with pedals?

Buying a balance bike or ‘pedal-less’ bike is preferable to giving a bike with stabilisers if your child is under 4 and is yet to learn how to pedal.  A balance bike can really boost confidence and be a lot of fun!

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JUST SAY NO to stabilisers and save time and money!

Read our post – Why Stabilisers are a waste of TIME and MONEY if you need to be convinced. We have a huge range of little  Balance Bikes to choose from.

At The Little Bike Company we also offer part exchange on all bikes purchased from us! Details here on how you can save money on a new kids bike.  Once your little one is ready to move on to a pedal bike you can buy it at a reduced price.

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First Pedal Bikes

Buying a cheap kids bike can seem like a great idea (for obvious reasons!) – there are masses available online and in supermarkets.  However before you buy this ‘bargain bike’ think about whether it represents a real saving.

Some cheap first bikes are designed more to be toys than actual bikes, they come with the dreaded stabilisers already in the box  – you may as well buy a trike as most of these tiny toy bikes end up being skipped before the stabilisers actually make it off the bike.

By spending a little more on a lightweight bike for your child you will find that not only will the bike get lots more use and be easier for your child to learn on, it will also retain it’s value better.

It’s quite staggering how heavy some first bikes for children are, especially when you look at the comparison between a childs bike and an adult bike – see this interesting post – “Is your childs bike heavier than yours?

Choosing the Right Size Bike for your Child

No need to guess based on wheelsize and age – read our tips here for getting the right size bike for your child.  With our website we make it really easy to buy a bike online.

Getting them Riding Independently

If you feel your child is ready for a pedal bike but hasn’t had experience on a balance bike, you can use this simple method to help them learn how to balance and pedal quickly without the need for stabilisers. With this method you could have them cycling on Christmas Day!

Our ‘Teach your child to ride a bike really quickly’ video has been watched by over 130,000 people and we have some great feedback on how this method works!  Just watch the video where this little boy cycles independently after less than an hour of tuition.

Don’t forget – we are really happy to answer any questions you might have!

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