Front Mounted Child Seats

The Bobike Mini!

If you are looking for a good quality, safe bike seat for your baby or toddler then take a look at the Bobike Mini Front mounted child seat. There’s a little video review from a mother at the end of this post showing how the bike seat works and how easy it is to cycle while it is in place.

Why go for a front mounted bike seat?

There are three options for cycling with babies and toddlers, a rear seat that fits behind your saddle, a trailer where you literally pull the child along behind and a front mounted child seat.

The major benefit of front mounted seats is that you can SEE YOUR CHILD!  This gives you far more confidence when riding, especially with very young kids and with fidgetty older toddlers.

  1. Minimising turning around to check on your child makes riding safer.
  2. The ride can be more fun as you can chat more with your child
  3. Your child gets a great view without having to crane their neck
  4. Your child can still snooze as in a rear mounted seat
  5. Your child can hold onto handlebars and help to ‘steer’ – again making riding more fun.

For more details head over to our website – Bobike front Child Seat and take a look at this amateur video review – you can skip forward to about 1.20seconds when she unclips the Bobike seat if you get bored of watching her go round and round her front garden!

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