Bike Training Tips for The Junior Triathlete

Training for a triathlon is tough enough, add in the school work, social life, other extra curricular activities and any budding junior triathlete is going to have a very busy diary!

So where do you start with training? Well as the bike part is going to be potentially where you can make the most time savings, training sensibly & regularly is a good start.

Make sure your bike is kept in good working order. Check the tyre pressure regularly, make sure the chain is clean and lubricated, check your brakes work properly and the pads aren’t worn.  These are simple measures that can be done on an ongoing basis.  A fuller guide to the bike maintenance M Check can be found here

A good starting point would be to train on a similar surface as you are racing.  This will enable you to understand your terrain and deal with any potential problems like knobbly tree roots, selecting the correct gear when cycling up and down hill on a grassy surface and how to deal with surface changes.  Choose a safe location like a park or a school field; essentially a place where there isn’t going to be any traffic to worry about.

If you’re new to triathlon, then build up gradually to the required distance you’ll be cycling. We would recommend training for each discipline once a week – after all you want to have fun. Don’t  feel as though you have to do more. If you do manage to go out twice in a week on your bike then great, you will see an improvement, but otherwise once a week for 30-45 minutes at a steady pace is fine.

Transition is also an important part of your training.  Try, once a week, to practice removing your wetsuit quickly, putting on your helmet, glasses, shoes and gloves in an order that works for you and then running with your bike and jumping on. By practicing this regularly you should be able to enjoy a smooth transition. You can also uses these sessions to practice coming off the bike and changing into running shoes.

Training with friends is a great way to encourage each other along, but above all, enjoy yourself!

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