Balance bikes and first bikes!

quality balance bikes

The fabulous balance bikes we stock at The Little Bike Company – take a look at our full range of first bikes for kids including pedal bikes.

Here’s just a few of the bikes we have available!

kokua jumper balance bike

The Kokua Jumper Balance Bike

The lightest balance bike we’ve found.  Our best-selling model, it weighs in at 3.3kg.  The Jumper features suspension and Kokua’s innovative steering limiter.  Choice of 8 colours – see more here – Kokua Jumper

early rider wooden balance bike

Early Rider Classic

A cool little bike, which is both lightweight and sturdy. A low centre of gravity makes this a good option. The bike upon which both our kids learned to ride – see all the details here – Early Rider Classic

Why Choose a Balance Bike?

Read our blog about why balance bikes are the best way to get your kids cycling for the first time – we are very anti stabilisers at The Little Bike Company, without them kids learn to ride much faster (FACT!!!) – a balance bike will suit a child from around 2 to 3 and they’ll be onto their first kids bike with pedals in no time as soon as their legs are long enough!

Don’t despair if you think your child is now too old for a balance bike – watch our video on how to teach your child to ride a pedal bike, the little boy in the video was a bit too big for a balance bike and all his friends had pedal bikes, watch him ride off after less than an hour of practise in this short video full of tips!

For the full range of first bikes and balance bikes we stock look here – and please ask if you have any questions.

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Turnaround on shipping or preparing bikes for collection is currently up to 7 working days.