Choosing and Sizing Kids Bike Helmets

The Little Bike Company are really keen to give parents complete confidence when buying kids bikes and cycling helmets online. We have created a really easy to use selection process on the website that enables parents to quickly find both the range of bikes and kids cycling helmets that will exactly fit their child. All the guesswork has been taken out!

To find the perfect cycling helmet for your child, simply measure your childs head circumference placing the tape 1cm above the eyebrows, you can then look in our range of helmets categorised as toddler, youth and junior to find the choice of road or street helmets which will fit.  Watch this great video from the team at Hardnutz –

We spoke to Nick Robins, the owner of www.hardnutz.com about why a correctly fitting helmet is so important

“One of the most important things about wearing a helmet is getting the size right and actually putting it on correctly. Size is important as if it’s too big it will slip and slide around and if it’s too small, it will be uncomfortable and encourage the wearer to want to take it off. The fit should be snug and when the helmet strap and dial are done to the correct position, a quick rocking of the helmet should mean that the wearer’s eyebrows move up and down with the motion. In terms of wearing it correctly, the edge of helmet should be horizontal with the ground when the person is standing upright and looking forwards, not tilted back as I have seen so many times!”

Cycling Safety for Children

As parents we want our children to have fun riding their bikes but we also want them to be safe. The highway code states that all cyclists should wear “a cycle helmet which conforms to current regulations, is the correct size and securely fastened”. Whilst it’s not actually illegal for you or your child to ride a bike without a helmet in the UK, if you are planning any road cycling it’s a no brainer (excuse the pun) to ensure your child has a helmet that will protect them in the event of an accident.

From their first time on a scooter or toddlers balance bike, getting very young children into the habit of always wearing a helmet is vital, it should become second nature. Ensuring you purchase a cycle helmet that they like and is comfortable for them will certainly help with any “I’m not wearing it” tantrums!  Your child will accept, especially as they get older and more independent that if they want to take their bike or scooter out for a ride, they need to wear their skid lid!

We know that kids (especially tweens and teens) can be awkward when it comes to the right clothing and wearing their helmets. With this in mind we have selected an excellent range of kids cycling helmets from some well known brands to choose from, including cool and funky street helmets from Hardnutz, like this one, that your kids will love.

teen street bike helmet

Remember you also need to check regularly that your childs helmet still fits!

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