Union Jack Frog Bikes

union jack frog bikes stockist

As a stockist of  Frog Bikes right from the launch of this great and growing British brand, we were excited to hear that Frog are setting up a UK factory to assemble Frog bikes.  The factory is in South Wales and the first Frog bikes will come off the UK production line in the summer of 2016.  The new Union Jack design is perfect to celebrate this excellent news.

We’ll be among the first to get our hands on these patriotic bikes! They will be available in all sizes from the Frog 48 right through to the Frog 62.  See the full range of Frog Bikes.

union jack frog bike for kids

The bikes are available in all the standard Frog Bike sizes.

union jack frog bike for kids

They look fantastic and we can’t wait for them to arrive at our workshop!  Let us know if you are interested in pre-ordering a Union Jack Frog bike – simon@littlebike.co.uk

frog bikes union jack design

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Turnaround on shipping or preparing bikes for collection is currently up to 7 working days.