Scott Mountain Bikes for Kids

We currently have all of our 2013 Scott bikes in a clearance sale to make room for more Christmas stock! All the bikes we stock are also delivered free!

Scott is a very well known name in the cycling industry, they design bikes for professional cycling teams, but they also make excellent kids mountain bikes in their range. They put the same innovation and quality design into their kids bikes as they do with their adult bikes and that’s why we have chosen to stock them – we’re very picky about which bikes we allow in our range, they need to be lightweight with great style and design to make the cut!  You can read all about our ethos in a recent article in the Telegraph Magazine – Get on Your Bikes Simon was interviewed by journalist Daisy Bridgewater on getting the right bike for your child.

The Spark, Contessa, Scale and Voltage from Scott bikes are all great examples of how kids mountain bikes can be as exciting as adult bikes and built to the same exacting standards.

From 8 to 12 your child will be spending more time on their bike than ever and it’s important they get a bike they love if you want to encourage their passion for cycling and maybe get them interested in taking up cycling as a sport – there are some fantastic mountain biking clubs they can join.

The right bike will ensure they ride as often as possible – no one wants to spend money on a bike and see it collecting dust in the shed!

The following bikes are all suitable for kids aged around 8 to 12, they have a 24 inch wheel size and at The Little Bike Company we also include inside leg measurement guides on every bike we stock – so you can take the guess work out of choosing a bike for your child (just click the links for details)

Scott Spark JR 24 Kids Mountain bike

The Scott Spark JR 24 Kids Mountain Bike

The Scott Spark – Full suspension 21 speed shimano gears – this mountain bike is perfect for kids interested in trail riding or even downhill racing.  This is a very serious bike for a child that is really enthusiastic about getting into off road cycling.

Scott Contessa JR 24 girls Mountain bike

Scott Contessa  Scale JR 24 Girls Mountain Bike

The Scott Contessa is designed for girls but it is by no means girly! Perfect for cross country or trail riding with nicely spec’d 21 speed shimano gears.

Scott Scale JR 24 mountain bike

Scott Scale JR24 Mountain Bike

As we say over on our website, this bike takes all the great things about Scott adult mountain bikes and makes them size-appropriate for children. It’s lightweight and again has 21 speed shimano gears.

Scott Voltage JR24 Mountain Bike

Scott Voltage JR 24 mountain Bike

This striking bike is very popular with kids – it’s a go anywhere all round great bike and has 21 speed shimano gears.

If you like the look of these Scott bikes head over to our Scott Bikes page to see all the bikes we stock from them along with lots of other great brands – just filter by your childs inside leg measurement for confidence with online buying or give Simon and Beth a call!

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