woom NEEBOW Knee Pad Set


NEEBOW knee pads from woom ensure your child is fully protected should they take a tumble from their bike. The pads are an interchangeable pair (left or right – they are the same). Whilst the pads are tough in the event of impact they are light, flexible and breathable. The pads are easy to put on and are held in place by internal silicone strips.

NEEBOW knee pads come in pairs in 3 sizes.

– The weight of your child is decisive for determining the correct size.

– First measure the circumference of the thigh with the knee slightly bent, four finger widths above the knee.

– Compare the measurement result with the thigh circumference information in the table below .

– If your child exceeds the specified maximum weight of the corresponding circumference, choose one size larger. For example, if your child’s thigh circumference is 30 cm, it would need size M based on this measurement result. However, if your child weighs 28 kg, then you should definitely choose size L because of the weight.

size S M L
weight < 25kg < 25kg 25-50kg
thigh circumference 25-28cm 29-31 cm 31-32cm