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Cycling Weekly: “Everything a new pedaller needs”

Cycle Sprog: “The Woom 3 is a great quality bike”


The woom 3 is suitable for riders with an inside leg measurement between 48 and 54cm.
The woom 3 would suit children aged around 4 to 6 years old. It has a very light aluminium frame and forks, so, at 5.5kg, it’s one of the lightest 16″ wheel bikes available. Together with its low centre of gravity frame, higher handlebar position and age appropriate components, this all makes the woom 3 one of the easiest bikes for 4 to 6 year olds to ride. The bike is available in 7 colours, including 2 limited edition colour bikes Anniversary Red and Atomic Neon.

To accurately measure your child’s inside leg, please use the easy to follow 7 step process on our bike size guide

If you are having a bike shipped to you, watch our video on how to assemble the bike when you receive it. If you collect it from our store, it will be fully assembled.


Additional information


Mini V-brakes


6061 Aluminium


470mm wide aluminium BMX style






1" semi-integrated


16 x 1.4″ Schwalbe Little Joe – woom edition


Super-light aluminium







Wheel Size

16 inches

17 reviews for woom 3

  1. Matt (verified owner)

    Upgraded from the 1 PLUS which was amazing and this did not disappoint either.
    I could not believe my eyes how my son just sat on the 3 and was riding it right away. He loved his 1 PLUS so he was very happy to have the 3 in the same colour, the weight is still amazing and after 1 and a half year of usage I can tell that these bikes last! He is a cautious rider so there are no chips or deep scratches anywhere and his bike looks practically new – apart from the rear tire which is a bit worn now but still has plenty of grip. Easy to assemble thanks to the pre-check by the guys at The Little Bike Company. Absolutely recommend.
    (Wife says it is a shame Woom doesn’t make bikes for grown ups 🙂 )

  2. Dan

    We got this bike for our 3 year old. He had an airo balance bike and is a very confident rider. We felt he was ready for his first pedal bike. After extensive research we decided to get the Woom 3 for him. He was slightly to small for the bike but felt the woom 2 would have only lasted him a year. After about 10 seconds on the bike he was riding and pedalling confidently, he worked out the brakes almost straight away. He managed to start off on his own using the pedals after a couple of minutes. All in all fab bike, easy transition from balance bikes. If you can afford the extra £100 I am intrigued by the woom 3 automatic which wasnt an option when we purchased the bike.

  3. Cal (verified owner)

    Searched online for a lighter bike for my 5 year old who is on the smaller side and this one was perfect. Only took her half an hour and she was off like a rocket. The bikes build quality is superb for a kids bike, sturdy and lightweight. Daughter has no problem getting up slightly steep hills and managed a 5 mile cycle! ( proud bike Da ).

  4. Mark (verified owner)

    Bought this as the up size to the Woom 2 which was a good wee bike. Did look at the Giant Arx 16 but it was a lot heavier (nearly 1.5kg!). Don’t get me wrong, this is a premium price but you do seem to get a bike actually designed from the ground up to be a kids bike. Light weight is very important at this size but it’s the little touches too, brakes colour coded, steering limiter and chain guard all make this great for young kids. Quality seems to be brilliant (as was the Woom 2) so, although expensive, this will get passed down and will likely be worth something after that too.

    • Simon Timlett

      Thank you for your review.

  5. Fran Lavendel

    Wonderful company! Very friendly and helpful on both phone conversations (Simon very helpfully reminded us of the need to reverse the. brakes for use in the US). The bike was delivered even more swiftly than promised, allowing my son plenty of time to fit it into a suitcase to take back to California. He was delighted with the bike and knows his soon-to-be 3-year-old son will be thrilled with it when the birthday arrives. I would recommend you to everyone!

    • Simon Timlett

      Thank you for the kind review, Fran.

  6. Ilona Ciachorowski

    We recently upgraded from Woom 2 to Woom 3 bike and I couldn’t be more happy with it . Our Son on his first day ride 18 mil ( and we r not bikes mad family ) .
    The little bike company is very helpful and professional.
    Thank you Simon .

    • Simon Timlett

      18 miles! That is amazing. I’m glad he’s enjoying it.

  7. p.j.a.kamei (verified owner)

    Daughter (nearly 5) was already riding her old heavy bike without stabilisers, but not starting on her own. On the first day with this, she was zooming around, and self starting on the second day. She says she likes going fast!

    I was on the waiting list and after being unsuccessful in getting a second hand Islabikes Cnoc 16 or Frog 44 (similar style and weight), but very happy with the new Woom 3.

    • Simon Timlett

      Thank you for the review. It sounds like your daughter is getting on great with the bike – which is great to hear! Simon

  8. Jo (verified owner)

    My son never liked cycling. We bought him woom 3 and he switched immediately! The bike is amazing! Lightweight and my own enjoys cycling.

  9. Nina Winkworth (verified owner)

    We bought a Woom 3 for my son who was 4 at the time and what a success this bike has been! He has had almost 2 amazing years riding this bike, so much so we have just invested in a Woom 4 for him. When we got the bike he had just learnt to ride but was a very unconfident rider. Within half an hour of having the bike he had his confidence and LOVES to ride. We did extensive research before we bought the bike and decided this was the best bike on the market. How right we were! Although it is expensive, its cheaper than its rival (Isla Bike) and has been worth every penny. Thank you to the Little Bike Company!

  10. Derek Tsang (verified owner)

    Great bike! Decided to try and teach 5 yr old daughter how to ride a bike during lockdown, and after 15 minute sessions on and off for 2 weeks, she’s now confidently riding around, no stabilisers required. Started her off without the pedals to learn how to balance, then once comfortable, screwed in the pedals, easy as pie. It was delivered quickly even during lockdown, and mostly assembled and checked by the LBC team already. Only had to add on the mudguards. Daughter loves the bike and it’s very light so if they do get tired/bored of cycling, you can just carry it one handed. Thanks LBC and Woom!

  11. Andrew Spillman (verified owner)

    Woom bikes are awesome. Exceptional quality, easily to do the final assembly once it arrived thanks to the pre-shipping checks done by the little bike company. They even swapped the brakes over for the British standard of right hand front brake. My 4 year old son got going straight away only having learnt to ride without stabilisers a week prior. After riding this bike for just over a week he is now confidently riding around the dirt tracks and jumps in our local woods. Being really light weight has made it easy for him to handle on his own and his confidence has increased so quickly.

    • Simon Timlett

      That’s really good to hear. Thanks for the review.

  12. Raj Patrick (verified owner)

    Top notch. The boy pulls off great manouevres already with this bike (5yr old). Very confident riding on it, very easy to maintain and just a high quality product. Would recommend to anyone raising a keen rider in their midst.

    • Simon Timlett

      Glad it’s working out well for him and you!

  13. Hodgie

    Excellent service. Would highly recommend this company. My son is 3 and learnt to ride on the woom 2 last Easter. The bike is light, versatile and worth every penny. We’ve recently bought a woom 3 in blue. Really pleased with the purchase. Thanks Simon.

  14. luke bell (verified owner)

    This bike is brilliant. My daughter who has previously been on a balance bike , got to grips with riding in about 5 minutes. This bike is very Light and specifically designed for children. It’s gearing is low so very easy for kids to push off on and get going. I was hesitant because of the price but it really has made a big difference. She absolutely loves the purple colour as well. Definitely buy the size that suits your child now. Very happy.

  15. ic8 (verified owner)

    Bought this bike for my daughter following a recommendation. I wanted something light and of good quality. I was torn between my original choice of an Isla bike but took my friends advice and got this. I have to say I wasn’t disappointed, I couldn’t believe the lightness and the build quality is just what I was after. The little touches such as the green brake handle for the rear brakes, reflective tyres, slick chain guard and comfy handle grips are the things for me that just slightly separate it from other top end kids bikes. I highly recommend adding the bike stand, great for my daughter to park her bike and strangely this is one of the things she loves the most. The purple colour paint is vibrant and well layered. It’s a pricey bike and you can get similar weight bikes cheaper however if you appreciate those little touches you and you kids won’t be dissatisfied with this bike.

  16. Dave and Isobel Hill

    We are so very pleased with the service from The Little Bike co and also with our daughter’s bike!

    Simon was extremely helpful advising us on choosing a bike for our five year old daughter. He made sure that it was correctly fitted, so that we bought the correct size for her. The shipping to Surbiton was very quick and the bike was simple to assemble out of the box.

    The bike is brilliant – our daughter enjoyed using it from day 1 and uses it daily. She is so proud of her yellow bike and enjoys getting compliments on it when she cycles to school.

    For six weeks our daughter used the bike as a balance bike (without the pedals) as she had been using a balance bike for about a year. This morning we put the pedals on and away she whizzed – confidently using the pedals and cycling.

    We can highly recommend Woom bikes and the Little Bike Co. Well worth the drive to test out the Woom bikes as Little Bike co is the only place in the UK stocking these great bikes.

  17. Lucy Ellis

    We bought this to ship back to Australia, and had to make a guess on size and whether our son would take to bike riding… After 3.5 months being shipped over here, I’m very happy to say that it’s been a great success! Our son was 5 last September, and he’s small for his age. The Woom 3 is a tiny bit too big for him still. He was pretty good on his (tiny) balance bike, but absolutely convinced he would need stabilisers – but he just got on the bike and rode it straight off! 3 days later he was experimenting with no hands; a week later, he could stand up on the pedals to go up steeper hills 🙂 He’s got so much confidence riding it! He LOVES his bike! I did a lot of research before we got it, and we like the more upright stance (compared with, say, an Isla Bike) – and, although it’s expensive, it’s still cheaper than a few of the other top end kids bikes. We think this bike is worth every penny. Thanks Simon and the Little Bike Company 🙂

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