Cycling Tips for Kids and Parents

Top tips for teaching your child to ride their first bike from The Little Bike Company and a few of our friends.  A list of great resources that we hope you will find useful as a parent.

If you do have any questions then do call or email Beth or Simon Timlett the owners of The Little Bike Company, we know our stuff when it comes to lightweight kids bikes and also competitive cycling, so I’m sure we’ll be able to help.

Balance Bikes

Balance Bikes vs Stabilisers

We’ll get straight to it – we really hate stabilisers, find out why in this useful post for parents with kids that are keen to get their hands on their first bike.

Do balance bikes need brakes?

We take a look at the pros and cons of balance bike brakes here

First Bikes

When should you buy your childs’ first bike?

How long is a piece of string?  In this post you will find some useful info on deciding when the time is right for your child to start cycling.

Teaching a child to ride a bike – Patrick’s first bike!

We followed Patrick, age 5 on his adventure learning to ride his first ever bike – in this post we show how to tell if a bike fits a child properly.  On our website we have a useful inside leg guide if you want to check the range of bikes that your child is ready for.

Teaching your child to ride a bike in under an hour

It’s not just theory – we armed Patrick and his Mum with our tips and they managed to get Patrick pedalling on his own – watch the amazing moment when he rides off unaided!

Teaching a child to ride a bike – Growing Confidence!

In this post we see the next steps, braking and steering all take time to conquer.

Is your child’s first bike heavier than yours?

It sounds silly but some first kids bikes are actually heavier than adult road bikes! Take a look at our interesting findings before you decide which bike to buy for your child.

Cycling Safety Tips for Kids

Choosing and Sizing Kids Bike Helmets

It’s vital to get this right, kids heads are precious and they tend to fall off a lot more than adults!

Basic Bike Maintenance Check

Encourage your kids to keep their bikes in tip top condition with this guide

Cycling at Dusk – Road Safety Tips for Kids

It goes without saying that your kids need to be fully aware of the dangers of riding at dusk – this post shows you what you need to keep them safe.

Kids Cycling Safety Tips

Sustrans has written a brilliant guide to keeping kids safe on the road

Cycling with babies and Toddlers

Things to consider before buying a bike trailer

Cycle Sprog have a great deal of useful information if you are on the verge of buying a bike trailer for your kids.

What you need to cycle with your toddler

It’s wise to be prepared for all eventualities when cycling with a toddler – Sustrans has some good tips for what you should have with you.

Should you cycle when pregnant?

Great article here from Cycle Sprog, it’s a serious worry for some mothers to be – what’s most important maintaining fitness or not risking a tumble?

For older kids – More serious Cycling!

Do you want your child to be the next Cavendish or Froome?

From age 4 up, Youth Cycle Sport has created a check list of how to encourage your child to get involved in competitive cycling

Kids Cycling Clothes – what you need to maximise their fun!

When kids do more than cycle to the park, cycling gear can really help maximise their time on the bike – cycling jerseys are not just for middle aged men!

5 Top tips for enjoying your family cycling holiday

These are excellent tips from Saddle Skedaddle, the cycling holiday experts – some practical advice you may not have thought of and hopefully you wont be put off the idea – a cycling holiday with the kids is great fun.

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