Frog Bikes – Video Review “Hop on a Frog”

Frog Bikes range

Take a look at our latest video – a mini review of the range of Lightweight Kids Bikes from Frog we stock.  Frog Bikes come in a range of sizes and colours to suit children from as young as 2-3 on a Frog Balance bike through to teens – or as you can see from the video, the Frog 73 will also fit a small adult (although a little on the small side for Beth!)

As part of our “Hop on a Frog” promotion, you will receive a free bag and bottle with every Frog Bike ordered from The Little Bike Company in April 2014!

Frog Bikes on Film!

In the video you’ll see a range of bikes from kids bike manufacturers Frog, tested by our intrepid team of little video stars and our very own Little Bike Company owner Beth!

In the video you’ll see Patrick who learned to ride his first pedal bike last autumn, he’s riding the Frog 48 – you may remember him from our “Teach your child to ride a bike” video which has been a great success with thousands of parents having watched it to date! Take a look if you are considering a first bike for your child – watch our video and you will realise that you should not be buying stabilisers, they actually make learning to ride a bike take longer!

Patrick is now a really confident  bike rider and we were very pleased to have him back testing out our range of lightweight Frog bikes – and so was he! He even bought his big sister who tested out the Frog 62 for us!

Filming was great fun and the kids behaviour was impeccable (they were rewarded with chocolate eggs at the end!).  They all loved zooming about on the bikes with our videographer chasing after them!

They all got on really well with the Frog Bikes – they’re so light that it’s easy for them to pick them up and get going, we made sure all the bikes were adjusted to fit them perfectly (Tips on sizing kids bikes here). We had lots of people looking on, all intrigued by the collection of Frog Bikes .  Our main hurdle filming in Berkhamsted park by the canal was the frequency of the trains drowning out all Beth’s voice overs – we think she’s done a great job! It’s not easy turning from kids bike shop owner to presenter.

Frog Bikes - kids and Beth on the bridge

Finding the perfect location – Beth with the kids on the bridge over the canal – it was a little tight and the trains we’re too noisy!

Frog Bikes filming in Berkhamsted park

Beth is riding the Frog 73 along side a very little one on a Frog Tadpole – the biggest and smallest of the Frog Bikes range.

Frog Bikes - Patrick having a rest on his frog 48

Having a bit of a rest on his Frog 48!

Frog Bike review - Beth of the little bike company

Beth filming the final piece as all the kids cycle down the slope – amazingly we only needed a couple of takes – even our littlest Frog Bike tester managed to keep up.  Good job as we had to ask a group of boys playing footy if they minded giving us 5 mins to film!

Frog bikes all lined up

Is it a good idea to film next to a canal?  When you watch the video you’ll see the moment our Frog 52 tester has a little lapse in concentration – luckily no kids or bikes ended up in the canal and we got some gorgeous shots for the video.

Frog Bikes filming by the canal

See our interview with one of the owners of Frog Bikes – Shelley Lawson, she talks about the success of this new brand and their plans for the future.

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