Formeula 700 Review – A Great Junior Road and Cyclocross Bike

It’s great news that Youth Cycling is growing in popularity, as a result more and more adult manufacturers are designing junior bikes with the same attention to detail as their adult ranges. We wanted to introduce you to just such a bike, a lightweight road and cyclocross crossover bike from Forme, the Formeula 700.

You may recall our blog post about the Formeula Road 24 – the Formeula 700 is it’s big brother!  We wanted to share some of the features of this great road and cyclocross bike.

Formeula 700 road and cyclocross junior bike

Forme, the brand behind Formeula junior bikes are a company based up in the beautiful Lake District.  Their Junior Bike range is given the same attention to detail as the adult versions – after all it’s in their interest to inspire the next generation of cycling enthusiasts and professionals!

formeula 700 collage

The Formeula 700 would suit a child of around 11+  – their inside leg measurement needs to be greater than 75cm / 29.5 inches.  It has been designed with both road cycling and cyclocross in mind, perfectly suited to tackling hills and climbs.

Value for Money

The bike is competitively priced and along with all the bikes in the Formeula range comes with two sets of tires – a saving of around £40 compared to bikes supplied with just road tyres as standard. Worth considering when comparing similar bikes if your child will be wanting to cycle both disciplines.

Recently reviewed by our friends at independent website Youth Cycle Sport as one of 4 top road and cyclocross junior bikes. The Formeula 700 came out well after being put through it’s paces by a team of junior testers.

You can find the extensive two part review here which looks at every detail of the bikes.  Or head over to the formeula website to look at the specs in more detail.

Do call if you need any help and have any questions about this bike or any others in our range – we set up The Little Bike Company because we’re both cycling enthusiasts and can answer most questions about all the bikes we stock as a great deal of research has gone into creating our range!

You can find the Formeula 700 in our road and cyclocross bike range here!

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