Meet the Early Rider Belter 20″ Series!

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At long last the new Early Rider Belter 20’s are here!  We’re expecting our stock of these stunning kids bikes to arrive any day.  Call us if you are interested in reserving a bike as we predict these will be flying off our shelves with Christmas just 6 weeks away.

early rider belter 20

Would you like to know what all the fuss is about and why even grown men are going a little giddy over these gorgeous new 20″ bikes? Read our guide to the latest additions to the Early Rider Belter family.

Early Rider Belter 20″ Urban 3

Early Rider Belter 20

First up is the Urban 3, it’s the big brother to the insanely popular Belter 16″ and has been designed with exactly the same attention to detail and attractive styling.  The Early rider Urban 3 is incredibly light for a 20″ bike, weighing just 7kg.  In fact it’s one of the lightest kids bikes around. (it’s all down to some very attractive hand brushed aluminium tubing).

As with it’s little brother, this bike has a belt drive instead of a chain and super lightweight alloy wheels, again reducing the overall weight compared with your standard 20″ kids bike. It also has an SRAM 3 speed hub gear system, the perfect next step bike for a 6-8 year old who has grown out of their 16″ wheels.

Early Rider Belter 20″ Trail 3

Early Rider Belter 20

The Trail 3 is a lightweight bike designed for kids who love trail riding.  As you can see, the wheels are beefed up with Maxxis lightweight fat tyres and as with all the bikes in this new range it features brushed aluminium frame and composite belt drive and super reliable Avid disc brakes.  It’s a little heavier than the Urban 3 as it’s a bit more solid, but still it is just 8.25kg – exceptionally light for a trail bike.  The trail also has the SRAM 3 speed hub gear system.

Early Rider Belter 20″ Trail 3S

Early Rider Belter 20

This is where kids’ mountain biking gets serious! The Early Rider Belter 20″ Trail 3S is an ultra lightweight bike. The additional features are Spinner Grind air forks with 50mm travel and lockout. Beefed up wheels equipped with Maxxis Maxx Daddy fat tyres.  It only weighs 9kg.

You will be so jealous of your child’s bike if you buy them one of these beauties, we guarantee it!

lightweight kids bikes

We’ve seen some 20″ kids bikes that weigh in at 14kg, twice the weight of the Belter 20″!  When you are 7 years old the last thing you want is a bike that’s so heavy you need help lifting it off the floor.  Read our post ‘Daddy Why does my bike weigh more than yours’ where we look at how heavy some kids bikes are in comparrison to adult bikes.

Lightweight bikes for kids make cycling easier and more fun and if you’re a fan of The Little Bike Company you’ll know our manifesto is simply More Kids having More Fun on Bikes.

Need to know more about the Early Rider Belters?

We are here to answer your questions,  speak directly to Simon Timlett, founder of The Little Bike Company, he’s an expert on kids bikes and can give you lots of help and advice on buying the right bike for your child.

We also offer a part exchange for customers so if your child grows out of their bike in a few years you can simply upgrade! These Belter’s are built to last and if you look after them they will retain a great deal of their value.


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