Do balance bikes need brakes?

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You have made the fabulous decision to buy your child a balance bike!  Balance bikes are a fantastic first bike for a young child, no complicated pedals but still lots of fun and speed! They also help kids learn to ride a pedal bike more quickly when the time comes (without the need for stabilisers which can have the opposite affect!)

The hard bit is choosing which balance bike to buy!

Which Balance Bike to choose?

We stock a range of bikes from bike manufacturers Frog, Orbea, Kokua Adventure and Early Rider

Range of Balance Bikes

Balance bikes for under 4 year olds available at the Little Bike Company

All the balance bikes we stock at the little bike company are chosen because they are well designed, lightweight and safe for your kids.

We get asked a lot by our customers is whether or not balance bikes need brakes as they are sold with and without – our advice is don’t worry too much about brakes!

If you have purchased a balance bike with brakes, we’d recommend taking them off until the child is happy flying around on their new little bike – they will naturally use their feet to stop.

Balance bike little girl

The focus should be on balance and learning how to use their weight to propel, turn and (indeed) stop the bike.

One can argue that brakes help to save your childs shoes, but wearing a pair of old shoes or wellies will do the same!

As kids get more confident on the bike you can introduce a brake – it’s easy to take brakes on and off we can guide you through it if you need help.

As brakes are not vital on a balance bike  don’t feel this has to be a factor in your decision (you can also buy rear brake kits separately).

Please get in touch if you need help making your decision – if you are not sure whether your child is too old for a balance bike, use our handy inside leg measurement search by clicking on ‘Find My Bike’.

Balance Bikes for kids

Balance bikes for under 4 year olds available at the Little Bike Company



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