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As part of our aim to help kids have more fun on a bike, this part of the website will grow into an information resource for both parents and children alike.  We aim to give you tips about teaching kids how to ride a bike with pedals, options for cycle training, how to try out racing, ideas for family rides, cycle holidays and anything else which takes our fancy.   


Size Matters 

It is really important to us that the bike or helmet you buy from us properly fits.  Safety is a key consideration, but with bikes it is important that the fitting is correct or the rider will not enjoy riding it.  A good fit ensures more fun.  See our guide to when to buy their first bike and bike sizing here. We have posted a blog about choosing and sizing a helmet here.


Learning to Ride

We have posted a couple of blogs about teaching children to ride a bike.  The first discusses the merits of balance bikes vs stabilisers.  The second post gives some useful tips for teaching your child to independently ride a pedal ride.

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  • Selling your child's old bike to fund a new bike is a great way to help keep the cost of a new lightweight kids bike down.

    We've created an infographic with 5 reasons why we think you should avoid kids bike stabilisers! We want to help you to teach your kids to ride a pedal bike more quickly!

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