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13 Jul 2017 18:07:28

WOOM Bikes are some of the lightest kids’ bikes available; lighter even than some of the better known U.K. brands.  WOOM is a relatively new Austrian company specialising just in children’s bike design and manufacture (they started selling bikes in 2013). 

girl on woom bike

How did Woom bikes begin?

The company was co-founded by bike designer Christian Bezdeka and experienced marketer Marcus Ihlenfeld.  Like ourselves, they found themselves thinking about children’s bikes and the lack of many, high quality, lightweight options, when they began looking at bikes for their own children. Their first batch of 70 bikes was built in Marcus’s garage in Vienna and they sold out almost immediately.

Woom Bike Range

The range of bikes begins with the WOOM 1, a balance bike which has the flexibility to fit children with shorter legs than some other balance bikes, to getting them riding on 2 wheels.  

woom 2 green

The WOOM 2 is a 14” wheel pedal bike which, due to clever design, will also fit children with shorter legs than other bikes.

woom 3

WOOM 3 has 16” wheels for a  child aged around 4 to 6 years old

woom 4

WOOM 4 has 20” wheels, WOOM 5 24” wheels and the WOOM 6 has 26” wheels.

Woom Bike Spec

Each of the WOOM bikes is made of super lightweight aluminium tubing, matched with very light, high quality wheels and age appropriate components.  The attention to detail is impressive and each bike’s design is very distinctive.    

We are knocked out by these bikes and think our customers will find they are a worthy addition to the choice we offer.  Their lightness, in particular, means they really do mean more kids can have more fun riding WOOM bikes.

Initially we will offer the WOOM 2, 3 & 4 in fairly limited quantities, with a view to stocking the bigger bikes later in 2017.

Take a look at our full range of WOOM Bikes here

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